Creative Thinkers and Inventors Academy

You can become a driving force of creativity in your business and personal life while ridding yourself of any creative blockades you may endure. The Elite Creative Thinker awaits you!

Only A Few Spots Available. If This Page Is Active It Means Spots Have Opened Up For A Limited Time!
  • The Elite Thinkers are limited to people who are teachable, push themselves, and able to have fun. If you are able to invest all in with the Elite Thinkers, this may be a perfect fit for you.
  • The Elite Thinkers is for men and women looking to go to the next level in their profession, while collaborating with some of the greatest minds available. Also, the knowledge gained with this exclusive group is helpful in personal life growth.
  • If you are able to join this exclusive group, then you are the type of person that we want. Don't put yourself at financial risk to join us.
  • This exclusive team views success as more than a quest of money. They strive to leave a legacy for further generations while maintaining their mission and great visions. The vision? That creativity will open doorways to success for those who seek to truly be creative in their ways of thinking.
  • These are skills you are refining that can be utilized for financial and personal growth for your business and personal affairs. We seek to aid you in this quest for creativity.

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Day 1 – NOVEMBER 22ND 2019
Time: 9:30 PM PT – 12:20 AM PT


This Group Is The Apex. It Is Elite. It Is The Highest Level Mastermind That Has Ever Been Created. Here Are What Others Have To Say About Learning From Samir Hanna Safar

"This Will be The Greatest Creativity Mastermind You Have Ever Attended"

Dr. Lori A
Busienss Owner

“… Joining the mastermind group
opens so many opportunities to grow my

This is why you need this mastermind offer, and also why it is the perfect time to join!


Some of the BEST Creative Thinking in the World

For the last 35 years, Samir Hanna Safar has designed and patented products, coached top business leaders in creative thinking, and put his reputation on the line for a select few individuals who he feels are a good investment of his time. He is often referred to as one of, if not the most creative thinker in our universe.


Access of Creativity for the Elite

With the belief that creativity is one of the most powerful force in existence, bring together great minds to consult and educate. This also means, as an elite member, you get to have close association with Samir.


Allow the best to teach you creativity

The brands and companies that Samir handles have offered hundreds of business consultations. More so, these consultations are done with professionalism, ethics, transparency and authenticity. He is a man able to create the 'out of the box' developments to help allow companies to grow through positive productivity. The revenue expected and gained is always exponential.


Life Creativity from The Man

Samir's brands have dominated the market for over 10 years due to his passion and stable dreams. He strives to dedicate himself to creative thinking, believing that it is more than a tool to improve on your business, but your everyday life all together. He helps you fight back those creative blockades that you struggle with. It's about a mass success of all aspects of life.


Limited Availability

Now is the best time to join, there is a limited availability to those who are eligible to join The Elite Thinkers. If you can think of a reason not to join, then you are thinking of the possibilities that creative thinking can do for you.

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